18 Things I’ve learned After Going on Over 20 Dates

Are you going to attend your first dates? If yes, then you learned After Going should be ready to cope with lots of awkward moments and situations. It might be possible that you face a few strange things during your initial date. Obviously, you would like to get rid of all these things. But you should remember that you can’t make your first dating a perfect event of your life. But still, you can learn a few things.

I have gone through several dates. But believe me; I don’t remember more than 20 dates. During my initial dates from Bumble.com, I had to go through different awkward situations. But yes, it’s true that I have also learned a few lessons from my experience. So, here, I’m going to share a few interesting but useful dating tips that can help you dating successfully during the first month of dating.

So, let’s check out 18 things that I have learned after experiencing over 20 dates.

1 – Don’t Try to Be Perfect

My biggest mistake was while attempting the first date was that I tried to be perfect. Yes, it’s true I was trying to be a perfect man in terms of appearance, social status, and much more.

Obviously, it’s the wrong dating advice to go with. Instead of pretending to be something that you aren’t, you need to present your real self in front of your date. This way, you can easily win her heart.

2 – I Was Really Nervous During Early Stages of Dating

One of the best dating tips that I can give you is that you should avoid getting panic during the early stages of dating. It’s often observed that most of the novice guys get confused during their initial days of dating. They try to impress their partner by hook or crook. Thus, they have to deal with unwanted situations.

3 – Which Is the Best Dress for the First Date?

Whether you are a man or a woman, you would always like to choose a perfect dress for your first date. Obviously, it’s a confusing thing. Most individuals assume that they can easily impress their date by wearing a certain type of outfits, but it’s not true.

One of the best tips for dating for the first time is that you should avoid concentrating too much on the dressing. Instead, you need to focus on your personality.

4 – Expectations Can Be Frustrating

During my first month of dating from the best dating sites, I had to face lots of frustration as I couldn’t accomplish my expectations. So, you should be very realistic when it comes to building expectations.

5 – What Does She Like?

During my early stages of dating, I focused only on what I like about her. Instead, I should have focused on knowing her likes and dislikes.

6 – She Needs Your Attention – learned After Going

Most probably, you may get confused about adorning yourself too much that you may forget appreciating her dress or appearance.

7 – Where to Meet?

It was really confusing as I couldn’t be able to decide where we both should be met.

She wanted to meet me in a restaurant while I wanted to choose a bar. Hopefully, we could not meet during our first month of dating.

8 – How to Face Rejections

When I was to going to attend the first date, I thought I had won the game. But when I reached there, she strictly rejected me. I even don’t know why she rejected me. But yes, I have to accept it.

9 – Don’t Shy to Say NO

When it comes to unlocking top tips for dating for the first time, it’s the most important one. Yes, you should learn how to say NO to an unwanted date.

There could be reasons when you don’t like to continue dating a girl. So, you should just say no politely to her.

10 – I Wanted to Buy Everything for Her

When it was going to face my first date, I wanted to buy everything for her. However, I had to face lots of financial consequences after attending the first date.

11 – Appreciate Her for Everything – learned After Going

During my first dating days, I forgot appreciating the efforts of my girlfriend. Obviously, it was a blunder that thrown me out of dating land.

12 – She Knows Everything

No, she doesn’t know everything. I was totally wrong as I used to think that girls know everything about a man. But it was a mistake.

13 – Little Things Matter

During my initial dating days, I thought that little things matter. But after going on over 20 regular dates, I noticed that little things don’t matter.

14 – She Needs Love Only – learned After Going

It’s laughable advice as I assumed that she just wanted my love. I was KINDA wrong. She wanted lots of other things that required money.

15 – Honesty Is the Best Policy

To some extent it’s true. But when it comes to the first date, you need to be dishonest about everything. Yes, you aren’t supposed to say that you don’t have money to spend on her. If you do so, you will lose her. Girls are usually gold digger.

16 – I’m Serious About This Relationship

It’s certainly the biggest mistake of my dating life. I assumed that I need her for a serious relationship, but I simply forgot that she didn’t want the same. So, next time you go on a time date first time, you shouldn’t be serious enough.

17 – Expensive Gifts Can Impress Her – learned After Going

If you are also assuming that gifting expensive gifts to your partners can impress her/him, you need to get rid of this misconception as soon as possible. Actually, I did the mistake of assuming that my girl could be impressed by receiving expensive gifts from me. But I was really wrong. If you are also planning to give an expensive gift to your dating partner, you need to introspect your decision.

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18 – There Are Plenty of Fish – learned After Going

When I first time got rejected by a girl, I thought that I was not for dating. But now I laugh at my perception. Always remember that there is plenty of fish in the sea.

So, when you get a rejection by a girl, you need to look for another one or a better one.

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