Important tips to be followed before dating your partner

As long as I can remember, being rich seemed like a good idea to me, Your Relationships so acquiring business knowledge was my priority. When I liked a company, I wondered how it earns, and when I did not like a company, I asked myself how it makes money. Later, I used this knowledge to create a personal brand, implement marketing strategies and sell products.

I have never regretted a minute that I spent on business and I still think that it is the best thing you can do. Not only because it’s fun not to eat rubble and lie on the beach from time to time, YourLatinMates but also because I quickly noticed that some general principles that work for the company can make our daily life much easier .

# 1 You don’t need difficult clients

Difficult customers are people who are interested in your services / products, but negotiate, argue and try to manipulate you before buying them. You painstakingly overcome their doubts, which is accompanied by dozens of words starting with “k”, “p” and “j” (I will tell you that it is not about coffee, dumplings and apples). When you finally pat the deal, you get the feeling that that person’s saying goodbye to the money is as difficult for them as it is for them to solve a Rubik’s cube by a pug. You receive the payment. With grace and after eighteen reminders.

I do not know an entrepreneur who would not meet such clients. If they are exceptionally unlucky, their main client is such a person, so they have more and more stomach ulcers from month to month, but they deceive themselves that they cannot break off contact with him, because he is such a fat fish that provides such a high income.

Eventually they get to the point where they say, “Fuck this!” Then it turns out that instead of one client, you can have a few others who do not make problems, earn a lot more and live without the feeling that every day is crawling through barbed wire entanglements.

It is very universal, because you don’t need difficult people in your life , no matter how attractive they are, what a beautiful smile they have and how much they represent. If they don’t want what you offer them or don’t want to give them anything, then let them go. There will always be someone better in their place.

# 2 Bad investments get cut short – Your Relationships

Apart from people who do nothing, it’s really hard to find someone whose every idea turns out to be a hit. In any other situation, we face poorly calculated costs, unforeseen complications and recipients who, for unknown reasons, are not thrilled, even though they should be.

It comes to the point that you are faced with the question of what to do with such a project. Then a black thought comes to mind: “It’s time to end this.” However, doubts follow immediately:

– But it took me so much work. Lost money. But emotions. But there may still be something of it.

You know it? Probably so. The good news is, according to statistics and scientific research, the decision is simple. It is cutting investments that do not bring the assumed profits, because all other activities will only lead to increased damage.

6 Business Principles That You Will Apply in Your Relationships and Everyday Life

# 3 Nothing is for everyone – Your Relationships

I recently wrote the text ” You are not a USB cable. You don’t have to fit everywhere . This is a very universal sentence, because although there are many people who try Your Relationships their hand at business by saying: “My product is for everyone”, they do not know that it is a road to nowhere.

Even if you create a product with the best parameters in the industry, it still won’t be enough for everyone to love it. Ferrari fans will not buy a Lamborghini even if it has much better performance. Tesla fans will not exchange it for another car, because apart from the objective features, also associations, emotions, brand positioning and the answer to the question “what kind of person I am” also count.

It is the same with us. We may be the equivalent of a Ferrari, but still for some people we will only be the pinnacle of tasteless ostentation. Does it matter? As long as we reach the people we want, the answer is no, so let’s chill out.

# 4 When something doesn’t work from the beginning, it rarely starts working later – Your Relationships

Apparently, when Stephen King wrote Carrie, at first he was not at all happy with what was coming from his hands. So he threw the typewritten pages with the outline of the novel in the rubbish bin. It so happened that his wife read these passages and said:
– We have it!

The plot itself was imperfect, needed a lot of corrections, and a lot of work to finish the novel, but already in these fragments you could see the ingredients of a future bestseller. If they weren’t there, no efforts the author would have made would have helped in anything.

It’s a bit like plants. If they don’t grow from seeds, there’s nothing you can do to grow flowers from them. Fixes only work when you have something to work on.

I didn’t understand it from the beginning, so I tried to develop projects that were “not sprouting”. We all do the same when we work on things where there is no spark. In relationships, this is well reflected in the famous “Fuck yes!”. If you have any other statement in mind when you meet someone, it is unlikely that you will create an outstanding relationship. “Fuck yes!” it does not guarantee it either, but it does give a chance.

# 5 No risk = no results – Your Relationships

Do you know why most new companies and creators won’t get through? Because they’re boring. They are so committed to professionalism and avoiding risk that at the same time there is nothing interesting about them. It cannot be said about Ryan Reynolds (if you click here you will find a great text about marketing Reynolds brands) , Janina Bąk , Tomek Palak or the guys from Make Life Harder. Behind them is professionalism, but also wit and originality, which make you wonder what Your Relationships will surprise you next time. They will not always surprise you positively, because they can outrage or piss Your Relationships you off, but they will not leave you indifferent.

Good foods need spices. Efficiency needs the same. Efficiency in anything.

# 6 To be competitive, you have to stop looking at the competition

There are two types of businesses. Some people look at what others are doing and then create their product. They advertise it with the words “Better than the competition”, which usually mean: “Same as the competition, but we tweaked a few parameters and added a lot of redundant features.” Perhaps there are cases when it allowed someone to dethrone the market leader, but I do not know them. Truly unbeatable companies do not look around the market by copying other people’s ideas, but look at what their customers need and then do what they want.

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Only this attitude gives unique value. Unfortunately, so few companies and just as few “ordinary” people do. The dating market also mostly shows. People looking around and asking, “What do they have that I don’t have?” instead of thinking about. What they are so special in that it will not be possible to copy it. It ends up with guys posing en masse with nake torsos and women saying. They’re not like all of them, but it’s hard to see how they differ.

There is only one thing you can do about it – focus on yourself and dig inside to find unique advantages. Jack the Ripper appreciated people for their beautiful interior (especially for the kidneys and liver), but something tells me that you will find much more inside you.

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