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Make Your Girlfriends Birthday Really Romantic – So your girlfriend’s birthday is around the corner, and, the butterflies in your stomach are growing by the day. Wait; don’t crack under the pressure, which is understandably HUGE. After all, it’s her birthday, for heaven’s sake and your gift could well make or break the relationship. Seriously, it is a day when you need to put your best romantic foot forward and call upon every bit of seductive arsenal at your disposal.

Here are the top 7 ways to make your girlfriend’s birthday special by giving her a gift that she will forever cherish:

1. Chocolates – Your Girlfriends Birthday

Okay, so this is not exactly original, but then you can never go wrong with this one either. A word of caution: skip the ordinary over-the-counter chocks. Opt for decadent truffles or some gourmet French or Belgian chocolates. And, if it’s a personalized slab, then you are on a roll.

2. Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery giving, most men make the common mistake of not doing their homework. Have you checked out what she wears all the time? Does her taste run into stud earrings or big hoops, gold or silver, or chunky beads? Try and give her something that is closest to what she wears. A romantic heart-shaped pendant in sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, engraved with a special message for her makes for a great gift. And, do not give her something that is more or less a copy of what she already has (just to be doubly safe). Zero points for creativity and romanticism.

7 Ways to Make Your Girlfriends Birthday Really Romantic3. Electronic Gadgets – Your Girlfriends Birthday

Electronic gadgets make great gifts for a girlfriend. An iPod for the die-hard music lover will elicit squeals of delight. It is so cool, cute, and ‘in’. A digital camera or even a cell phone would be equally great – take pics of each other and remain connected at all times!

4. Personalized soft Toys

Ten to one, she is a teddy bear fan and probably still has one leftover from her childhood. You can’t go wrong with soft toys, especially a cute, cuddly teddy bear. Let teddy play a messenger boy and deliver your personalized message engraved upon his person. He’s great for some TLC as well when you aren’t around!

5. A surprise Mini Break – Your Girlfriends Birthday

If your relationship is ready for the next level of commitment, then nothing like time spent alone with her on her special day. Whisk her off to a romantic destination for a mini-break. Make sure you have planned everything down to detail so that nothing backfires at the last minute. Don’t forget the romantic trappings of roses, champagne, and chocolates waiting for her in the room.

6. A Handmade Card – Make Your Girlfriend Birthday Really Romantic

Few women from Reviews will be able to resist feeling special on receiving a hand-made card. It is just sweetly sentimental and touching. Give vent to your feelings: be romantic, paste some memorable photographs of the two of you on the cover and write what you feel for her. Try reading aloud your words as you both lay down on a blanket, gazing at the stars above…

7. Perfumes and Cosmetics – Your Girlfriends Birthday

This is great if you have been using your observation to see and smell what she uses. A discrete peek at her dressing table might tell you when she’s down on the stock of something. Make a mental note to get it for her birthday.

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A birthday is the only day in the year which is just about her, so focus solely on her. Make her feel loved, cherished and goose-bumpy special!

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