In this article, we would like to touch on the rather sensitive topic of paying for. The services of an international dating site and the activity of men related to Love. This, in order to answer the question once and for all. Why do many men write to me on one site, but not on another?

The international dating site fern liebe is completely free for women, but not for men. Foreign gentlemen on the site pay for the opportunity to send messages to women. We are sure that this circumstance helps them to act on. The basis of a serious interest in getting to know a lady and make. Their “choice” thoughtfully. Work is carried out in a similar way in many international marriage. Agencies: a woman leaves her profile at the agency, and if one of the agency’s clients. Has shown interest in getting to know her, he must pay for the possibility of correspondence.

Recall that in the field of dating on. The Internet there are many different sites that offer paid and free services. There are completely free dating sites, paid dating sites and paid for men. But free for women dating sites with foreigners.

What is the difference between free and paid international. Dating sites for men, and why does the fact of paying for the services of the site affect the activity of men? triptogether

Dating sites for men

On free international dating sites, men get to know women more actively. However, one should not forget that they are actively writing to a large number of ladies, perhaps without even reading their profiles. But simply because the ladies were on the site online. Under such conditions, the motivation to find a woman for a serious relationship is much lower. Since a man has many contacts with various women, and, accordingly, many opportunities … Men are often captured by. The excitement of searching for absolute perfection, an ideal woman. Indeed, in their search, they are not limited by anything: they have the opportunity to write to all the women on the site and they use it, often without thinking what an acquaintance can lead to and whether they are interested in a woman as a potential life partner.

On paid international dating sites, men are “aimed” at a successful search that will bring the desired result. They do not want to waste time and money (no matter how ugly and callous it sounds). Men write to women, guided by sincere interest and desire to meet a serious woman. Of course, the presence of the financial aspect makes them “more restrained”. However, this circumstance is a kind of guarantee of their intentions, a guarantee that the decision to start dating will be made more carefully. Often, in order to pay for the opportunity to communicate with a woman, a man wants to be sure that a woman is also interested in getting to know him, so he expects a “sign” from her: an expression of sympathy or a first message.

THE ACTIVITY OF MEN ON A PAID INTERNATIONAL DATING SITEHow to increase your chances on a paid international dating site for men?

  1. Pick up spectacular photos that emphasis the dignity of appearance. We have touched on the topic of photography and how important good photos are for online dating. The photo of the questionnaire is the first impression of a man. It is photography that grabs his attention in the first place. You can have unique personal qualities, have a rich inner world, BUT this can only be conveyed through personal communication. If the photograph charmed a man, then he had a desire to meet a woman. Only when the acquaintance has taken place, during the correspondence, you can get acquainted with the inner world of a person. You can read more about choosing photos in the article “Dating foreigners: how to choose the right photo?” .
  2. Take the initiative to start dating. If you get little attention from foreign men, take the initiative in your own hands: express interest in the men you like and write to them first. We touched on the issue of women’s initiative in the article “3 reasons why you should start writing to men first” and we will not dwell on this issue again.

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In the event that the priority is still the number of messages, and not the sincerity of the intentions of a man, then on the Internet there are many dating sites that are free for both men and women.

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