About The Fear of Getting to Know Strange Men or Women ...

We all want to be like. Strange Men or Women We want others, especially people of the opposite sex, to accept us and evaluate us positively. This is not surprising. The desire for acceptance is a natural human need. We are not made to live in isolation and solitude. Contact with others is like air for us. However, in order to meet new people, we must first open ourselves to other people. TripTogether To do this, we must learn to awaken and build trust not only in others but also in ourselves. These skills allow us to abandon the walls with which we surround ourselves and show ourselves as we are. Authentic. However,

It Requires Great Courage. – Strange Men or Women

You probably know this feeling when you want to be part of a community, express yourself in contacts with others, and at the same time you are afraid that you will do or say something that will draw negative attention and attention to you.

Such dilemmas are faced not only by people who struggle with excessive shyness. Similar internal conflicts are also often felt by people getting ready, for example, to go out in the evening with friends. On the one hand, they want to go out to people, get to know and explore the world of interpersonal relations, on the other hand, the inner voice in their heads tells them that it would be better to stay at home.

The truth is, most of us have an area in our lives where we lose confidence and fear. And this is regardless of how much success we have achieved in life. People can perceive us as hit, self-confident, resourceful … and we feel and are aware that we have an area that we try to avoid at all costs.

It doesn’t matter what the area is. Whether it’s dating, public speaking, attending parties, meeting new people – there are masters among us, for whom the avoidance strategy works for almost a lifetime. Ultimately, however, most of us have a “turning point” in our lives when we realize that this can no longer be avoided and that we have to deal with it somehow. If you don’t, you run the risk of continuing to lose something very valuable in your life.

Confidence is Strength. – Strange Men or Women

The power to be yourself. Confidence brings with it a sense of the right to be yourself. This type of confidence is gained by overcoming various life turbulences and obstacles (external and internal). By proving to ourselves that what we were once told about our abilities, or their lack, TripTogether.Com is not necessarily true. Without working on your self-confidence, you run the risk of gradually withdrawing from participation in all sorts of circumstances and losing your chances of potential acquaintance, friendship or love.

About The Fear of Getting to Know Strange Men or Women ...

Many of us fear all sorts of social situations. Only getting rid of this fear and working on lowering its level will enable us to actually notice what is happening around us and meet people who may be looking for the company of someone like us. Some people attract with their enthusiasm. Others have their sense of humor. Still others with their gentleness and kindness. Do you know such? The kindness and gentleness of another person.

When We are Stressed Makes us Calmer and More Relaxed.

Remember that emotional states are contagious! A similar mechanism also works when we show kindness to ourselves. Rejection and criticism can threaten your self-esteem and confidence, no matter how strong it is. So when you are disappointed with yourself, when you make a mistake and you are angry with yourself, remember that it only increases your fears and fear. Try to be compassionate and kind to yourself. This will make you calmer.

What kind of inner voice would you like to have in you? Critical or supportive? Shame increases our self-criticism and triggers catastrophic thinking when we make the slightest mistake. It can also make us feel that our behavior is constantly inadequate. Whatever the situation, everything is always our fault. By constantly thinking of yourself that you are not succeeding and that people do not like you, you are sabotaging yourself. Many people do not pay attention to what they say to themselves every day. How self-critical they are.

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Remember That to Be Able to Change Anything in Your Life

It is necessary to hear this inner voice and pay attention to how it speaks to us. Seeing how destructive and negative it can sometimes be. Self-awareness is the key here. Realizing that we are constantly in the habit of questioning and judging ourselves is the first step to change. To change your voice to be more accepting and kind. One of the most important elements of building self-confidence is self-love and self-acceptance.

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