Comfort Zone: Getting Out Of It To Meet New People

Singles complain of not Meet New People having enough (often) good encounters. But maybe they miss some because of too tight criteria . And if precisely, to put the odds on your side, you had to start from scratch by sweeping away our preconceived ideas ? We’ll erase everything and start again !

Accept Being Surprised

When you’re single and when you’re looking to meet someone, especially on a dating site, you tend to check (too) many boxes. Normal since in our head, we have a very clear portrait of our ideal man/woman: he/she is tall, dark, likes sports and Sundays in the forest, and hates like us, spicy dishes. Very well, EXCEPT that in life, definitions are worth nothing, even more so when it comes to human and sentimental connections. Indeed, by dint of prioritizing our desires, we may miss the one who would make us happy. YourLatinMates This person may be bald and a fan of George Brassens, and will not fit our very specific criteria. So maybe it’s time to be flexible by extending our field of vision a little, to enlarge at the same time that of the possibilities?

However, many are those for whom love has arrived in a way that they did not expect. Elsa says: “ I had always said to myself that to seduce me, a man had to be artistic and creative. Finally I am with someone down to earth, perfect for balancing my whimsical and dreamy side, and who manages to surprise me in many ways. If I had confined myself to my basic choices, I would have missed out on a man who makes me happy ”. Sarah has always been attracted to dark-skinned men. But for a year, she has been making perfect love with a redhead, older than her and far removed from her usual desire.

Comfort Zone: Getting Out Of It To Meet New People

Focus on the essentials – Meet New People

To be open, it is not a question of writing off all your requirements. Everyone carries values ​​within him, and knows that he will have to find correspondences in the other for the current to flow. You just need to be a little more flexible about a few common hobbies or tastes (if he likes paprika and you don’t, a relationship isn’t impossible!). And do not forget that it is indeed the imperfections that give charm and that make us crack. So, don’t reject someone messy if you’re manic. This is perhaps precisely what will seduce you!

Social networks are now part of our daily lives. Even if we know them and master them better and better, it always happens that we are somewhat clumsy. After the blunders of the first date or those of the first night , here are those of virtual life… but which are nevertheless very real!

“Stalker” is a word that didn’t exist before the Facebook era. Today it seems obvious to us: it is a question of spying – gently – on the life that others allow us to see. Who has never browsed the profile of his target? But no matter how much we tell ourselves that we are going unnoticed, it is often in these YourLatinMates.Com cases that our finger slips and we make a friend request without wanting to, or even that we put a big thumb on a photo from 2009… We will have to explain to him how we found ourselves at 00:55 in front of this photo of him in Morocco with his ex.

Meet New People

Whether on Instagram or Facebook, there is a great risk of wanting to like galore . In your head, of course, you are in love with her smile and her tanned body (especially in her photos of the Philippines). But don’t bother showing him. Especially since with the new “emotions” – new little smileys made available to express yourself on Facebook editor’s note – we can now “adore” or marvel at a wow. Too much! Rather play the indifference, the emotion to privilege, at least in the beginnings…

Of course, you have been talking about this target for many weeks to your friends. So this Saturday night, at the bar, they beg you to show them his profile. The risk ? Your phone passes from hand to hand and we are not immune to false manipulation (thank you touch screens). Unexpected friend request or incongruous comment, the embarrassment will be there.

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