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I combined Cupid.com and realized instantly A Fraud Website that I’d made a blunder (literally 10 minutes after). The provisions and requirements stated that I had fourteen days to improve my brain. I had been relieved I was well within this time and visiting that I did not trigger my accounts I presumed my refund of30 would be drawn up within 24 Hrs.

10 days after, I haven’t got any acknowledgment or some other contact with this corporation. I want to exercise my own consumer rights and also for my money to go back to me instantly.

Cupid.com has lots of scammers hoping to rip off people.

Cupid.com stole money out of me and that I never signed them up. I actually don’t understand how they got my advice or my charge card amount. They shot 140.00 out of the account without me knowing, failed to receive any emails using a merchant account password or name yet they took my own money. How can I get my cash and put an end to prospective scams?

Cupid can be criminal surgery. Many US banks won’t allow you to use their bank cards to join up for grounds — Cupid will rekindle your paid membership even if you’ve got an ending date. They hide in which you obtain to block the subscription. The majority of people need to google to locate the webpage. It’s likewise full of love scammers — plus so they aren’t removed even in the event that you report them. I am aware of, I have reported them and these certainly were not removed. If you’d like to throw away cash combine. If you would like to satisfy real men and women go someplace.

Cupid.com is A Fraud Website and Here's the ProofFraud & Scam Dating – A Fraud Website

I’d written to you concerning Match.com and the many foreign men that strove to defraud me. I made a decision to additionally goto Cupid that I believe is possessed A Fraud Website by the proprietors of Match.com and Zoosk. My results were so dreadful. I came across many profiles shared between the three internet dating internet sites. A number of the adult men’s wallpapers so much as they lived, their name, phone numbers, their era, of course, when these were widowers or wed, was incorrect or false information written by these. A number of the men I contested all looked to be in operation to themselves.

I am appalled at the inconsistency of replicate charging dates since it appears Cupid is twisting back the clock every anniversary with one matter of 3 days – indicating there are thirteen (1 3) months in a season, not the common a dozen (1 2). I consent to pay for fees monthly but at precisely the exact same date throughout the month that includes never happened. It’s equally annoying making several formal asks (with visual images) representing your billing policy page is either faulty or simply just doesn’t exist. I’ve plainly said in my own correspondence, you’ve neglected to produce a copy of one’s charging policy, complaints procedure(s) or refund of your own accounts. You’ve neglected to inform me of almost any price increase(s) and never have supplied any receipts for obligations accepted.

Cupid Fraud – A Fraud Website

I combined Cupid.com and paid, as I presumed, for a single month. It included #14.90 on a Premium Membership that I did not desire. I sent a message and that I subsequently had a message saying that my membership was canceled. Having then looked over the caliber of men and women on the website. I chose for the complete refund that I asked. Despite setting the acceptable mileage A Fraud Website out of my house and age bracket of men. I had been getting communications from up to 250 miles off and teenage. Boys younger than my eldest kid. The entire thing sounds that an entire sham.

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Despite continued requests under the distance selling act to get the complete refund, I’m getting is emails offering me special prices together with their different websites. I’d one email saying that they were not able to trace my own payment. I’ve known this today to my charge card Business. Additionally, they operate under different titles, for example, More than 50 relationship that is exactly what I combined.

LOL, terrible website. Lots of people out of Nigeria and Ghana.

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