Deep and Real Information Regarding Cupid Scam

Information Regarding Cupid

I continued membership 5 days ahead of the deadline. Still caught Information Regarding Cupid charged, apparently only like most different clients. In the event that you folks are seriously interested in protecting consumers, these people ( needs to be researched and released of business!!!!

These guys are a scam and also individuals similar to this have destroyed the internet. Fake profiles abound. service asserts to help however they do nothing whatsoever. Nobody really is sending us emails anyhow BOT.

They won’t cancel accounts. They won’t refund despite the fact that within 2-4 hrs I contacted them that this is BS. One other reason, within a month today pay pal has never refunded. Guess Cupid ** have convinced that they have been untrue. I’m straight back once again to pay pal regarding. Definitely superior chances/opportunities in the community pub. Best of Luck.

I am aware that there has been touch tens of thousands of individuals. I have researched many as hackers using the device while they swap contact information along with me personally. In private communicating, they ship photos they assert to be. While I make use of an inverse image search tool in Google I visit inside a matter of moments every page of each and every picture they will have delivered me is present at a porn gallery of some famous porn celebrity.

Deep and Real Information Regarding Cupid ScamScam Dating

After doing the free hunt, there certainly were a few people I needed to contact. I paid the $12.00 one-time fee as well as the fee in order that they are able to contact me free when these weren’t associates. Therefore, I create the hunt so I really could message plus so they were gone. Where before I’d paid, you will find maybe 2030 associates in my region, today there is just 1.

This website tricked me. I signed you personally and also got charged for 3 years, to get seven weeks.

Very frustrated over all. Was charged a lot more than promoted for a website which did not work well whatsoever. Save your self a whole lot of hassle. Avoid

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Horrible  internet site. All woman (since I am a person) I met site whined about where these had been located. In the event that you got a reply that it was likewise a complete lie – women only attempting to bilk money out of you personally. If you’d send a reaction to an individual, then there could not be an answer and after that, if you transferred forward that individual’s picture will be connected with an alternative domain and also a different nation – country – related area. Complete SCAM. And following the very first evening of realizing I’d been cheated, I attempted to reevaluate my account – cancel my subscription and there’s absolutely no solution to achieve this. Keep Away from This Website. Complete SCAM.

Exact same experience as those different comments. Paid #3.00 to get 3Day trial at Sept 2013. Only found my bank announcement on Nov 1-1 2013 and more than100 was shot out. They aren’t enthusiastic about just about any one of my complaints and also they assert I inquired for updates for my 3Day trial that I failed to. Steer well clear of those rogues. I am just happy I have seen these withdrawals out of my accounts until they fleeced me completely.

Dating Website Scam – Information Regarding Cupid

A warning to others, why do not utilize CUPID PLC!!! I recently joined a dating site straight back April 2011. I covered a 3-month subscription costing $40.78 on a trial basis. I’d no messages little response, and so I canceled my membership and then replicate charging until the registration died in July 2011. I canceled on the web. It turned out to be an intricate procedure and misleading.

Whenever you clicked the connection “cancel replicate charging”, it said “many thanks for sticking around” An overall entire con! I performed the internet guidelines so much as I was concerned, Thought I wasn’t anymore a celebrity. Used don’t make use of the website again after July 2011 or the ceremony. Joined and left an alternative website. I forgot about this before realized there is money being removed out of my account every 3 weeks. They’d lasted taking 10 more obligations of #40.78 and obtained within #400 after I had canceled my replicate charging.

An Intricate Procedure

I chose this website in order to match and correspond to guys at numerous nations. Signed up to the Filipino Cupid along with Brazil Cupid Websites. Initially, Believed that the pursuits sent me were real until I see later roughly two weeks which those ones thinking about me personally were 70 80-year-old substance-dependent widows. The females did not reciprocate the attention, and lots of profiles were switched away. is an online dating website, and only with its own name that sounds quite true; nevertheless, it boasts a false sensation of aim. The site has been connected with, and it has mastered the art of deception. I am very wary with internet dating sites internet sites for a lot of reasons, however, that one tricked me, hands-down. Used don’t perpetrate until a few days after, also while I’d my bloated profile (outstanding), Have bombarded with emails of an amazing woman, and ordinary looking, winking, showing interest. Was not competent to learn until I paid that the site. After all, the websites look good and tons of acute women engaging.


Similar to somebody else has clarified here, you’ll acquire bogus contact alarms once you enroll together with your email so as to hook one to register as a way to respond back again. In addition to the has lots of similar websites they are going to decide to try to cause one to contribute to using the same approaches.

They won’t refund your money as soon as you obtain the assistance, simply test emailing or telephoning them. Quite unsatisfactory. You need to be so careful with unethical websites doing such things widespread. This website is simply the tip of this iceberg for similar websites I have struck while in the dating community. You’ve got to perform your search for complaints about ANY dating internet site today since that really is therefore widespread. This is the way the world wide web is currently.

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However, I had been wrong. The moment I covered my membership, all of the emails, winking ceased. I reacted to all of those emails, and not get an answer-back shape, and believe in me, it is not too little writing skills or looks. I have gotten contact for several days today. The only ones I am becoming is just another site named – do not understand how – that my guess is it is the exact same company – with precisely the exact same format. Now, I knew I still have scammed. Nothing that I could do today, but suffer the little loss; nevertheless I attained a lesson!

I used to be introduced with a buddy to parties organized by Speed Dater, an internet meeting internet site (possessed by Cupid plc) which can also be coordinating unmarried events in Information Regarding Cupid London places. 1 afternoon I realized taking a look in my bank account announced that the site was charging me despite the fact that I’ve been thinking about internet dating sites. It seemed I’d forgotten to assess a ship which has been giving me totally free usage of the services for per couple whilst reserving to get one party event.

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